OER Summit 2023: information coming soon

FL OER Summit 2023, May 24 - 25!


This year’s theme is “BEYOND AFFORDABILITY.” For the past several summits we have focused on how OER books and materials save students money. During this year’s summit, we’ll explore how the use of OER positively benefits students, faculty, and institutions beyond just saving money. We’ll dig into topics like Open Pedagogy, OER Quality, Accessibility, a focus on Student Success, and much, much more!

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We will continue to add updates as we finalize plans.

What past attendees have said about the OER Summit

“I really appreciated the variety. This goes for variety in presenters as well as the avenues to incorporating OER. It was also wonderful that so many of the presenters encouraged participants to reach out to them with questions or to collaborate.”

“The exchange of information presented me with classroom strategies.”

“Great advice from other Florida faculty and staff who have already transitioned to OER. It's good to hear success stories from people who've already done this.”

“The free flow of information in the true spirit of OER.”

“I liked institutions sharing their experience, learning about new OER platforms, and keeping abreast with new trends.”

“I gained insight into real practices, not just ‘what we hope to see/do is great. It helped me plan based on trends and actual experience of other institutions.”

“The opportunity to see what everyone else was doing with OER. It is interesting how different people solve problems differently. I liked the mix of individual and structural solutions.”

“Wide variety of speakers who provided actionable tips and suggestions.”