oer summit
innovations and trends
may 23 - may 24
A Virtual Event
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The 2024 FLVC OER Summit is Now a Wrap!
Thank you for another great summit!

Thank you to everyone who participated and helped make this event a huge success!

A special thank you goes out to the outstanding lineup of educators, librarians, instructional designers, and others who presented on an array of OER-related topics, and who shared their knowledge and experiences in advancing OER and affordable learning at the state, national, and international levels. Thank you to our sponsor, Honorlock, for their generous contribution.

about the event
Welcome to the 2024 OER Summit!

The theme of this year's Summit is "Innovations and Trends." Join librarians, educators, instructional designers, and OER professionals from across Florida and the U.S. as we explore existing trends, look towards innovative directions, and discover how OER positively impacts students, faculty, and institutions.

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Summit topics
Topics to Explore

Here are just a few of the many topics we'll explore during the 2024 OER Summit:

  • ZTC Degrees/Pathways
  • Gamification and Adaptive Learning
  • Library Digital Content and Archives
  • Student Engagement
  • Development and Collaboration
summit committee
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past summit feedback
What attendees have said about the OER Summit
I learned some new (or new to me) and important things about OER. I also liked all the resources that people shared including FLVC's LibGuide.
I really appreciated the variety. This goes for variety in presenters as well as the avenues to incorporating OER. It was also wonderful that so many of the presenters encouraged participants to reach out to them with questions or to collaborate.
I gained insight into real practices, not just 'what we hope to see/do' is great. It helped me plan based on trends and actual experience of other institutions.
As someone who is relatively new to the OER world, I really appreciate what you put together. Thank you for making it available for out of state participants as well.
I loved that everyone was able to unmute and participate. It feels more like an event when you get to hear people's voices.
My favorite part was that the topics were novel, with many aimed at those more experienced with OER. I've attended other OER events that have been 'intro level.' I understand there is a need for people getting started, but it's nice to also find a space where we can 'level up.'
I like the fact that there were more opportunities to view sessions because it was virtual.