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Seeing the Benefits of Early Career Planning

The fall semester is here, and students are trading in their beach towels for textbooks and thinking about what their future may hold. For many that includes exploring college campuses, for others, it means attention to detail in their college applications, yet some may still be unsure of their path...

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Benefits of Career and Technical Education

For students to succeed in an ever-changing workforce they must be ready for a long-term career. Many students decide going to college after graduating high school is the best path for the career they want. For others, college may not be ideal...

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Fact vs Fiction: The truth about going back to college

From financial constraints to family obligations, there are many concerns that make adult learners reluctant to go back to college and complete their degrees. The top five concerns facing adult learners who are thinking about returning to college are...

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The Benefits of an Educated Workforce

A business can have the best products, even the most cutting-edge technology, but without a well-trained, and well-educated workforce, the company may not thrive. Today, a well-educated workforce with skilled employees makes businesses more competitive and productive.

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Making Innovation in Higher Education Work

Innovation is a hot topic in higher education today as colleges and universities continue to search for the silver bullet for student success, an acknowledgment that the way they are currently doing business is not working.

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Acceleration: A Degree-Completion Strategy for Online Adult Students

Our colleagues at the UWF Innovation Institute often contribute to academic journals to share the work of the Institute and our partners. Dr. Robin Colson, Director, Research and Evaluation, recently contributed an article on accelerated learning to the EDUCAUSE Review. This article discusses the importance of acceleration for adult students and highlights the acceleration options offered by Complete Florida partner institutions.

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Let’s Change the IT Conversation from Projects to Products

Many innovation methods adopt, at least implicitly, a product mindset. Product thinking is core to a focus on the customer (or client, end user, or other term of choice for those your organization serves), whether we describe our intended outcome as a product, service, or experience. The core skill of product thinking is empathy with the customer, or seeing the world from the customer’s viewpoint. Innovation practices that employ design thinking are therefore rife with concepts such as identifying the “true job” the customer needs performed, defining value from the customer’s viewpoint, discovering the “minimal viable product” that will meet these requirements, and designing a total “customer experience.”

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Distance Learning Update: What's Mobile Got To Do With It?

Distance learning continues to grow rapidly in higher education and in corporate training environments. Colleges and universities continue to experience increasing online course enrollments, even in the face of declining overall campus enrollments

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