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Florida's New Integrated Library System

New ILS Provides More Access For Students, Faculty And Staff

The new, next-generation Integrated Library System (ILS) is scheduled to go live on July 13, 2021, and will allow students, faculty, and staff to search for and find information across all library....

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FloridaShines Virtual College Tours

Searching For The Right College Has Never Been Easier With Virtual Tours

Visiting a college campus can be one of the most important factors for a student to determine whether that institution is the right fit for them and their future....

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FLVC Why quality does matter

Why Quality Does Matter

Students can only have the best learning experience if the online courses they are taking are of the highest quality. The stronger the design of the course, the more likely a student will have success....

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A Post-COVID 19 Higher Education Renaissance

When thinking about a prediction for the next year given all that has been happening in higher education in terms of the fiscal struggles, affordability concerns, the state of public confidence and a changing education marketplace, I find it a bit difficult to focus on one...

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