A flagship service of FLVC, FloridaShines.org is Florida’s Student Hub of Innovative Educational Services, an information-rich website of free online tools and resources to help students and adult learners succeed in school, earn a college degree, and embark on a rewarding career. The FloridaShines.org website averages more than one million visitors each year.

FloridaShines.org serves as the interface to the resources and services managed by FLVC. Included among those are the centralized catalog of courses and degrees offered at Florida’s colleges and universities; detailed profiles of all 40 public postsecondary institutions; access to the collections of all public postsecondary academic libraries statewide; Florida’s automated Transient Student Admissions Application (TSAA) for students desiring to take courses at different institutions; the state’s Common Prerequisite Manual, and much more.

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860,000+ website visits

More than 860,000 people visited FloridaShines.org in 2022-23.

FLVC collaborates with the state's 40 colleges and universities, school districts, educational organizations, and other partners to continually develop, refine, and deliver new, top-quality resources on FloridaShines.org that help students plan for and succeed in college, and strengthen Florida’s workforce upon graduation.