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The Florida Virtual Campus (FLVC), is made up of several units which provide statewide innovative educational services for Florida's K-adult students. Working collaboratively with Florida’s 12 public universities, 28 public colleges, K-12 school districts, and other partners, FLVC provides free services to help students go to college, succeed in school, prepare for career success, and in life after graduation.


The purpose of FLVC is to:

  • Provide information regarding and access to distance learning courses and degree programs offered by public postsecondary education institutions within Florida.
  • Coordinate with the Florida College System and the State University System to identify and provide online academic support services and resources when the multi-institutional provision of such services and resources is more cost effective or operationally effective.
  • Administer the Florida Academic Library Services Cooperative and consult with the chancellors of the Florida College System and the State University System regarding the implementation and operations of the cooperative.


Units under the Florida Virtual Campus include:


The Florida Virtual Campus manages FloridaShines, a statewide hub for delivering innovative educational services that operates collaboratively across Florida’s public education institutions and educational systems. 


The Florida Virtual Campus is currently administered by the University of West Florida’s Division of Academic Affairs.

Florida Open Academic Library
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