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Welcome to Florida Virtual Campus

FLVC isn't a school or educational institution. Rather, we operate a suite of centralized, shared services that support all 40 public colleges and universities in Florida.

Our highly skilled staff of library, distance learning, IT/networking, student advising, and education program professionals collaborate with Florida’s entire education community to develop free services that help students prepare for and succeed in college, and ready themselves for rewarding careers after graduation.

FLVC is funded by the Florida Legislature and managed by Florida State University's Northwest Regional Data Center.


FLVC's core services include:

  • The centralized library system used by all 40 public colleges and universities statewide
  • Support services for statewide higher education distance learning
  • A centrally-licensed, statewide portfolio of library e-resources for Florida’s colleges and universities
  • A statewide website – FloridaShines.org – for student access to all FLVC services
  • Resources for college and career planning, and
  • Online transfer options for students


Cost-Effective Results for the State of Florida

FLVC’s centralized, shared services model returns significant dividends for the state of Florida in the form of greater efficiency, value generation, cost savings, and optimization of college/university staff, capital, and time. During FY 2021-22, the shared services provided by FLVC saved Florida taxpayers and students more than $45 million.


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$45 million

The shared services provided by FLVC save Florida taxpayers and students more than $45 million.