Photo from last year's summit with speaker presenting & attendees listening

OER Summit

Summit Overview

The OER Summit will feature guest speakers and breakout sessions that will provide attendees with resources and opportunities to participate in interactive workgroups. Breakout sessions will provide attendees with resources and plans to take back to their institution, as well as provide attendees the opportunity to collaborate with their colleagues about best practices, high enrollment and gateway courses such as Algebra and ENC1101, OER implementation, etc. Breakouts will be led by individuals who will bring the library, teaching and learning perspectives to implementing OER.

At the end of the Summit, attendees will have handouts, resources, and a better understanding of how to implement OER within their institutions. Resources (including library resources) will be made available at the event as well as on our Summit Website.

Breakout session topics will focus on:

  1. How institutions implemented and organized OER through grants, partnerships, etc. For example, Achieving the Dream, OpenStax, Lumen Learning and small institution grants.
  2. Staff and Faculty OER training
  3. How to locate and organize library OER resources
  4. How to locate peer reviewed ancillaries
  5. Develop ancillaries material to track OER usage
  6. Key instructional design issues related to the development of OER courses

Check back as we hope to officially announce the different breakout session topics and speakers soon.