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If you have a school newsletters, we have a variety of information to help you communicate with parents and students about FloridaShines and MyCareerShines. Please feel free to use any of the copy below to add to your school newsletter. 

FloridaShines Newsletter Copy:

General overview article explaining FloridaShines:

FloridaShines, Florida’s student hub of innovative educational services, is designed to provide students and parents with added resources and tools to make pursuing higher education easier. FloridaShines is an online service, fully funded by the state of Florida, with the goal of helping every student earn a college degree and find a bright career by providing an array of FREE online tools. From the FloridaShines website, users can compare degree programs, find information on financial aid, compare Florida’s colleges and universities, and so much more. FloridaShines works with the state’s public colleges and universities to help students succeed in school and beyond. To learn more, visit


Preparing for College Entrance Exams:

College entrance exams can seem intimidating, but with the right tools, your student can feel prepared and ready to take on their exams. FloridaShines’ Helpful Tools for Success provide students with Test Taking Strategies and Managing Your Time skill sheets so students can plan their time accordingly and learn how to best tackle entrance exams.

With strategies on how to address exam questions and how to develop the best study skills, your student will feel ready for anything. For more FloridaShines helpful guides and tools for success, visit today!


Financial Aid Questions:

It is possible to earn a college degree without earning a mountain of debt in the process. FloridaShines offers students financial aid information to help finance their education, including information on scholarships and grants that do not need to be repaid, loans, and even work-study programs to help offset expenses. Parents and students can learn more about the different types of financial aid options through the FloridaShines website.

With FloridaShines’ free online resources, students can check their eligibility for the Bright Futures Scholarship and learn more about the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FloridaShines website also provides information on a list of financial aid programs to help students of all different backgrounds find ways to pay for college. To learn more about paying for college, visit


MyCareerShines Newsletter Copy:

General overview article explaining MyCareerShines:

MyCareerShines, a service of FloridaShines, is Florida’s free, online, education and career planning system where students and adults can create a personalized plan that is just right for them. This FREE, state-funded tool allows students to assess their interests and skills, explore careers, plan for their future education, and create a personal portfolio to share with prospective schools and employers.

Most importantly students will gain an understanding of what it takes to pursue the career of their dreams. MyCareerShines offers students the chance to explore new careers and create a personalized approach to planning for the future. To learn more, visit today and help your student get on the path to their dream career.


MyCareerShines is available in Spanish:

Because one size doesn’t fit all, MyCareerShines is available to students and parents in either English or Spanish. The assessments and information in the MyCareerShines tool are easily accessible to students and parents in Spanish if that is their preferred language. Once a user clicks the Register button, they are given a choice in the upper right hand corner to choose the language they feel most comfortable using. To have your student register for their free account today, visit


Students can explore careers with MyCareerShines:

Still not sure what the plan is for life after graduation, or not know what degree program is the right fit? Try MyCareerShines! From the MyCareerShines website, you can explore several different meta-majors and career opportunities. A meta-major is a general degree where students can explore the possibilities a program may have within it until they are ready to declare a major.

From learning about industry certifications to exploring new career paths, MyCareerShines offers students a glimpse at a few different paths available after graduation. Begin exploring today,