FLVC Symposium 2017

Navigating State Authorization: A Florida Workshop

February 2nd - 3rd

As online programs have grown and reached beyond state boundaries the regulatory environment has become more complex. In many states, traditionally there have been few prohibitions for colleges and universities offering instruction over the Internet however with the increased concern in recent years over state authorization requirements the picture has become quite complex. In order to address the difficulties presented by the complex web of requirements imposed by each state, a national state authorization reciprocity agreement was established. Currently, over 40 states are members of SARA and Florida is exploring joining this growing body. The Florida Virtual Campus has assembled the best resources available to answer your questions and help you chart a course during 2017 through the state authorization process.

  • What is SARA and how does it work?
  • What does each college and university need to do to prepare and apply to join SARA?
  • What are the data reporting and student notification requirements for a college and university under SARA?
  • How are clinical, professional licensure and field experiences managed under SARA?
  • What activities are not covered under SARA?

This intensive, practical learning experience included representatives from the National Council, the Southern Regional Education Board, the Western Cooperative for Educational Technology and colleagues from across the state.


Open Keynote Address

State Authorization and SARA: How Did We Get Here?, Dr. Marshall Hill





Florida legislation was signed June 9, 2017, by the Governor.