Email Copy

Sending an email is a great way to communicate with parents and students about everything FloridaShines and MyCareerShines has to offer.  Please feel free to use the copy below to spread the word. 

MyCareerShines Email Copy (Middle school/High school):

Use this email copy to communicate with your parents and students about MyCareerShines: 

Dear Parents,

Having a plan for school and life after graduation can help your child achieve lifelong success in the increasingly competitive global economy.

That’s why [School Name] is participating in MyCareerShines, Florida’s comprehensive education and career planning system. The system is an  age-appropriate online planning tool for middle and high school students.

The online planning tool allows students to assess their interests, explore careers, plan for education, prepare for work, and create a personal portfolio to share with prospective schools and employers. Perhaps more importantly, students will gain a better understanding of the education required to pursue their dream job. When students graduate from high school, their personal account is transferred to the education and career planning system for college students and job seekers, allowing a seamless transition to the next phase of education and ultimately the workforce.

MyCareerShines can help you talk to your child about planning for the future. Ask your child about it today.   

Principal or School Guidance Counselor