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Educational initiatives, innovation, and collaboration are all a part of working for the Florida Virtual Campus. Every day FLVC strives to provide leading-edge services for Florida’s educational institutions and K-adult learners.

We’re more than just a place to work, FLVC is a family of innovative thinkers who work collaboratively to provide educational services for students, educators, and administrators to deliver online academic support services and resources throughout the state of Florida. We’re always looking for great people to join us. If you’re interested, take a look at the positions below and find where you fit into our team!


Software Applications Engineer - Gainesville (122720)

This position is responsible for the development of computer software applications providing services to Florida students and higher education institutions, with an emphasis on applications in the general area of library services, student services, digital services, and/or customer relationship management system. Applicants must be able to develop or modify existing software applications, and provide guidance for products and services for maintenance and develop projects as designated. An ability to work closely with other staff to understand objectives and system requirements, with an emphasis on working with staff and/or vendor technical personnel as needed to investigate and resolve application software problems, is key for applicants.

Assistant Director for Electronic Resources - Tallahassee (123140)

This position is responsible for managing and coordinating the licensing, ordering, and renewal of electronic resources for the state-funded resources available to the State University System and Florida College System, as well as the annual group licensing process. Using expertise to develop licensing terms and conditions for electronic resources and maintaining oversight of eResources statistics on an ongoing basis. The ideal candidate will be able to work with teams, workgroups, and vendors to maintain, enhance, and develop electronic resources through FALSC products and services effectively. This position is also responsible for working with libraries on customization options, and creating and managing the e-resources management utility inside the library services platform on behalf of the state colleges. Those with a master’s degree from a library program accredited by the American Library Association and with experience in contract and license negotiation, integrated library systems, and management are strongly encouraged to apply.


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